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Unable to stay any longer out of business, we have decided to restart our activities slowly.

Keep in mind there still might be some delays due to the situation.

We will do everything we can to track your packages and keep you informed. (01/05/2020)



Original Tibo Gargoyles designs.


Here you will find special sculptures for home and garden as well as original drawings and high quality Giclee prints of my Tibo-drawings. All works presented in this site, are my creations.


The entire creative process, from the design sketches to the clay modeling, the molding, the production as well as the coloring of the sculptures happens in our Tibo-atelier in the Auvergne, France.

The statues are created from a high quality, eco-friendly and durable (frost free) composite. The patina, carefully manually applied, brings the statues to life.


Handmade, very detailed, Tibo-statues will also last outside for many years.


TIBO Gargoyles gives your home or garden a touch of magic…




Carla & André TIBO